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Looking to strengthen an existing relationship or start a new one? If so, your heart belongs in Aspen. With ample galleries, numerous open spaces for food and wine, and a plethora of aroma restaurants, you won't know where to begin. Seriously. With marriage proposals that have ranged from Aspen gondolas to the top of Aspen mountain itself, Aspen sizzles with love.

Here are a few of my favorites.

The Caribou Club. This Aspen speciality parlays a beautiful atmosphere with world-class members. In fact, this club is so special, it has been likened to New York City's Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel and HMF at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. Yes, it re...

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Jackie Kennedy in Aspen, December 29, 1964 Photo Courtesy of

At some level, aren't we all seduced by power? I confess that I certainly am! Well now, more than ever, Aspen has become synonymous with America's power elite. It all began, really, with Jackie Kennedy's Aspen ski trip in 1964. Accompanied by Bobby Kennedy, and her two kids John John and Caroline, Jackie's glowing smile at Buttermilk put a beautiful face to America's most gorgeous town.

Another powerful American dynasty, the Bush family, put their mark on Aspen as well. Shortly after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, the motive behind the Gulf War, former President George H.W. Bush, alongside the...

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One of the coolest things I've found in all my years living in Aspen is how many successful entrepreneurs I've come across. Don't get me wrong, a European vacation can be absolutely wonderful, but almost all the people I meet in Aspen really made it themselves.

In Chrystia Freeland's very insightful book Plutocrats, she shows that we really do live in an age of meritocracy. In 1916, for example, of the richest one percent of Americans, only twenty percent made their income from paid work; fast forward to 2004, that number was sixty percent. And in 2017, I can guarantee you that number is even higher. A survey of a few studies from Forbes reveals...

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Aspen part-time resident and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks it's bad business practice to separate work and life. Rather, he insists, the goal should be "work life harmony."

With businesses becoming increasingly more technological employees, he reasons, should have the freedom to take care of personal issues that come up throughout their working day. And, on the flip side, employees, at home, should create an atmosphere that allows them to further dig into their different projects. Hence, the beauty of Aspen.

So often, that major big business decision is too important to be made in the confines of a large, noisy city. Should we explore this new market, are there...

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In the last five years there have 42 luxury Aspen Sales. Sales north of $15M, (my luxury price tag; not theirs).

I have always believed Aspen home buyers preferred new. Maybe different than Greenwich or other New England luxury markets; so I did some fast math to determine the real deal.

Of the 42 luxury Aspen home sales in the last five years, 30 of the sales accounted for homes built from 2001 to 2016. Only 12 of the homes were built prior so greater than 70% were "new".

If we peel back the layers of the onion a bit further; the average difference in time from when the home was built and when it sold was approximately 2 years.

What does this mean? Aspen buyers want newer built homes. Five home...

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Aspen first quarter sales are up! 26% up! We'll take it! 2015 was our best year ever; so when we took a 43% year to year hit in 2016 Aspen real estate sales the real estate junkies questioned the strength of the Aspen market.

I was asked "why?" as often as I was asked for directions to Smuggler.

If you enjoy real estate micro analysis it started with unstable financial markets at the beginning of the year, followed by Brexit, followed by the uncertainty of the election followed by......

If you are more in line with macro analysis it's really about a seven year cycle. Prices can't continue to go up forever and seven seems to be that cyclical number.

Either way it is history now and we are up Q1 2...

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